Exploring the Mountains Of Tanzania

In Tanzania, mountains are a common sight. In fact, they’re arguably one of the riches that this country is famous for. If you’re interested in hiking or mountain climbing, it can be difficult to decide which of the mountains in Tanzania you are most interested in. Let’s explore some of the tallest mountains in Tanzania and the hikes they have to offer.


With so many different mountains in Tanzania, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Of course, everyone is familiar with Mount Kilimanjaro. However, in Tanzania, there are mountains that don’t enjoy anywhere near as much notoriety. That doesn’t mean that they’re not noteworthy or don’t have anything to offer the intrepid hiker.

Let’s take a closer look at the ten highest mountains in Tanzania:

  • Highest: Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet
  • Second Highest: Mount Mawenzi at 16,890 feet
  • Third Highest: Mount Meru at 14,980 feet
  • Fourth Highest: Mount Hanang at 11,220 feet
  • Fifth Highest: Mount Luhombero at 8,450 feet
  • Sixth Highest: Mount Sisaba at 8,080 feet
  • Seventh Highest: Mount Selegu at 8,060 feet
  • Eighth Highest: Mount Sibindi at 7,780 feet

While not all of these peaks may offer the same challenge to mountain climbers and mountaineers, that doesn’t mean that each peak doesn’t have something unique to offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of what these mountains have to offer.


Mount Kilimanjaro is well known among the mountains of Tanzania. Not only is it the highest mountain in Tanzania, it’s also the highest mountain in Africa. At 19,340 feet, Mount Kilimanjaro is also the world’s highest free-standing mountain above sea level.

For all of these reasons, Mount Kilimanjaro is a popular tourist destination, and people climb it regularly. However, there’s more to this mountain than the chance to climb to the top. Some of the other activities you can experience on and around this majestic peak include the following:

  • The Rundugai Hotsprings – If you just want to take a breather and relax, the Rundugai Hotsprings are ideal. Explore the crystal clear waters while the natural heat draws all the tension from your muscles.

  • Hiking to the Kilimanjaro Waterfall – The Kilimanjaro waterfall is a lovely cascade of water, and hiking to it and back is an excellent day trip. The trail is less steeply inclined than the one to Mount Meru’s waterfall, and even beginners can take the trip with ease.

  • Hiking on Kilimanjaro – If you’d like to experience the beauty and splendor of the peak but don’t necessarily want to climb all the way to the summit, why not try hiking on the mountain instead? You still get to sleep on the mountain and experience the beauty and serenity without the strain of a full climb.

This mountain truly has a lot more to offer than people think, and the options are endless.


Mount Mawenzi

Mount Mawenzi, the second-highest peak in Tanzania, is definitely not as well known as Mount Kilimanjaro. However, there are plenty of things you can do around this peak. There are three different hiking routes on this mountain, with varying levels of difficulty:

  • The Katesh Route
  • The Ngendabi Route
  • The Giting Route

All in all, hiking this mountain is relatively easy, and you should reach the summit on the same day that you start the hike. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to take photos and enjoy the view before heading back.

Mount Meru

As the third-highest mountain in Tanzania, Mount Meru enjoys some popularity among tourists. Hiking or climbing it is much less demanding than taking on Kilimanjaro itself and still gives you the opportunity to enjoy stunning vistas and a wonderful hike. 

Another great aspect of Mount Meru is that it has its very own waterfall. If you take the trek to the Mount Meru Waterfall, you’ll discover stunning views after a comparatively short hike. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the waterfall without the strain involved in visiting some of the other falls.

Mount Hanang

Mount Hanang is the fifth-highest of Tanzania’s mountain peaks. It may not be the most recognizable among the mountains of Tanzania, but it’s still beautiful. As with Mount Mawenzi, there are three main established hiking trails to get to the summit. 

You can choose between the Giting Route, the Ngendabi Route, and the Katesh Route.

The Katesh Route has an ascension time of around six hours and a descent time of around five. The Giting and Ngendabi Routes should take similar amounts of time. However, the details of each route may vary significantly.  

Mount Luhombero

You can hike Luhombero Peak from the park’s outskirts and turn it into a full expedition. Walking safaris are an option and will allow you to experience more of the scenery and local wildlife. However, this will also turn a one or two-day hike into a five or six-day hike.

You can choose between several different routes that have drastically different travel times. For instance, you can choose to take a circular route that will have you hiking around the mountain. You can also choose to take a more direct route and shorten the time spent significantly. 

Whichever route you decide to take, this mountain is well worth the effort and will reward you with a range of intriguing experiences and stunning vistas.

Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai 

Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai is known to the local Tanzanian people as ‘The Mountain of God’. They believe that the god Engai made his home there after a hunter successfully hit him with an arrow. The mountain is an active volcano that last had an explosive eruption in 1993. It has two craters, one of which is typically active, while the other is filled with water.

If you’re fit and looking for a challenge, then this mountain in Tanzania is well worth considering. It’s often considered one of the most challenging night-time mountain hikes.

Kilimanjaro from the Air

If you want to explore the glory and majesty of Kilimanjaro but don’t necessarily want to climb the whole peak or spend a few days hiking, there is an alternative option. What’s a better way to experience Africa’s highest mountain than from a plane? This 45-minute flight will allow you to see Kilimanjaro as you never have before. 

Enjoy the sight of the crater and all the cascading glaciers as you swoop overhead and view aspects of the mountain you’d never see from the ground. Each tour has a requisite number of people before the flight can take off. To successfully enjoy the tour, the flight must have at least four passengers on board.


Tanzania is a beautiful country with many natural wonders, beautiful sites, and lovely hiking trails. It also has an array of mountains and hills. The mountains of Tanzania are wondrous, majestic, and full of hidden jewels. From climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro to trekking the lower slopes of Mount Sisaba, there’s always something new to find and do. 

You can book your Kilimanjaro climbing expedition right here with us. Or you can plan a trip to the Mount Meru Waterfall. If you’d like to plan a custom trip that allows you to hike on Mount Kilimanjaro, see chimpanzees, and see waterfalls, we can do that, too.

From gentle slopes sporting hikes fit for beginners to grueling night-time hikes meant only for the fittest of us, the Tanzanian mountains have something for every type of adventurer. Feel free to contact us and allow us to build the custom safari of your dreams.

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